Waist-Hip Ratio

Waist-Hip Ratio Metric Calculation

Waist Hip Ratio Calculation Details

Every woman wants to have her body lines in mannequins. It is the dream of every woman to be 90 90 90 in the language of the people. Is it really good to look good in 90 90 90 90? Excessive and disproportionate body lines can even bring the disease together. So, how should the ideal body measurements be in terms of health? Waist hip ratio calculation details are given below.

What should be the ideal waist and hip ratio?

Measure your waist and hip measurements with the help of your home at the end of the calculation tool by specifying your waist and hip measurements by specifying the gender tab should be clicked. If the body rate and indices are normal, you can see the measurements that are appropriate for you. At the bottom of the waist hip ratio calculation details appear at the risks of health painful according to body rate.

You can not only learn the ratio of waist and hip by calculation, but also your body type (apple type, pear type or avocado type). Dressing according to your body type is to destroy the defects. The flaws that need to be stored can be revealed more by moving the wrong body type.

Women’s Waist and Hip Ratios and Meanings

The results are different according to gender. While a woman appears unhealthy in proportion to her proportions, a man may appear healthy with the same proportions. Do not forget to enter gender when making calculations. Waist hip ratio calculation details are listed below.

The ideal waist and hip ratio in a woman should be lower than 0.85. Types lower than 0.8 and 0.8 are low risk of health and are the lowest risk level for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and body type. So the shoulders are wide, narrow hips.

Those at 0.80 and 0.85 are at risk for moderate disease and the body types are avocado.

The rates above 0.85 carry a high degree of disease risk and should directly balance the body ratios with the help of a dietician. Body type is apple.

Male Waist and Hip Ratios and Meanings

The risk of disease is low for a man at rates below 0.95, and the body type is pear shaped.

The results of 0.96 and 1.00 are of moderate risk and body type avocado.

A dietitian support should be applied to the results of 1.00.