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Parents who have the excitement of having a child wonder how much their babies are and when they will be born. Especially after waiting for years, the expectant mothers who get pregnant by the tube baby method are otherwise curious. The method of determining the birth date of the baby and the duration of pregnancy is called ini calculating the date of pregnancy B. Many methods are used to calculate pregnancy date, but most of them give false results. Baby expectant expectant mother baby date calculation details can be obtained from our site.

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How to Make a Tube Baby Pregnancy Calculator?

Pregnant expectant mothers should follow the development of the baby every week week. The exact date of pregnancy is also important in this respect. Mothers who are pregnant with IVF can easily calculate the pregnancy date with our pregnancy calculation tool. In order to do this, it is sufficient to enter the calculation method in the IVF pregnancy calculation tool. As the calculation method; The date of the egg collection, the embryo transfer date, the blastocyst transfer date button, and the date of the egg collection date are entered.

Tube Baby Pregnancy Date Month Account

Pregnancy period corresponds to an average of 9 months, 10 days, 40 weeks. As a result of the gestational week you will determine your pregnancy, you can calculate the month of pregnancy by the month table.

• Pregnancies with 1 to 4 weeks
• 8 months of pregnancy
• Pregnancies with a gestational age of 12-13 weeks
• Pregnancies that fill 17-18 weeks of age
• Pregnancies with a gestational age of 21-22 weeks
• 25 months of pregnancy
• Pregnancies over 7 weeks old
• Pregnancies with a gestational age of 34-35 weeks
• Pregnancies at the age of 38-39

The pregnancies that complete the 40th week complete the 9-day 10-day period and the birth has been realized or is about to take place.

Determining Baby’s Estimated Birth Date

The date of pregnancy can be determined by the calculation tool and the estimated birth date of the baby can also be learned. The date of birth of the baby is given in accordance with the information you entered in our calculation tool. This date may be 15 days forward or reverse. You can also follow the weight of the baby through our site.