Pregnancy Date Metric Calculator

Pregnancy Date Calculator How-To?

The first question that comes to mind of parents who have the excitement of having a baby is when their babies will come to the world. For this, various methods of calculation are tried. The method of determining the birth date of the baby is called the calculation of the date of pregnancy. While calculating the gestational week, many paths are followed, but usually the wrong calculation is made. You will find the answer to the question ız How to calculate the most accurate pregnancy date?? On our site.

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How is Pregnancy Calculator Done?

Pregnant women, the process of pregnancy and the development of the baby weeks are required to follow. For this reason, determining the history of pregnancy is very important especially in terms of monitoring the development process of the baby. Pregnant women with pregnancy calculation tool on our site can determine the date of pregnancy and can follow up. You can find out the date of ovulation by entering the last day of pregnancy in the pregnancy calculation tool. However, the beginning and estimated end dates of other processes of pregnancy are also calculated.

Pregnancy Date Month Account

The average period of pregnancy is 9 months and 10 days. This period corresponds to 40 weeks. With our pregnancy calculation tool, you can determine how many months pregnant you are through the month table after learning the pregnancy date on a weekly basis. According to this;

• Pregnancies with 1 to 4 weeks
• 8 months of pregnancy
• Pregnancies that fill 12-13 weeks
• Pregnancies with 17-18 weeks of gestation
• Pregnancies with a gestational age of 21-22 weeks
• 25 months of pregnancy
• Pregnancies over 7 weeks
• Pregnancies with a gestational age of 34-35 weeks
• Pregnancies at the age of 38-39 weeks
• Pregnancies over 40 weeks have completed 9 months and 10 days, and the delivery has taken place or is about to occur.

Determining Baby’s Estimated Birth Date

With Pregnancy Date Calculation tool, you can also calculate your baby’s estimated birth date. As a result of the pregnancy calculation made in the light of the information given, the baby’s estimated birth date is also given. Although this date is not certain, the birth of the baby may usually be 15 days before or after the given date.

In addition to this, weight loss can also be done on the baby.