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Milk Need Metric Calculation

Need for Breast Milk Calculation How?

Maternal milk is important for the mental and physical development of babies. In order to educate a healthy individual, it is only necessary to breastfeed for at least the first 6 months. Breast milk contains all the nutrients and minerals that the baby needs. Breast milk, which protects babies with high risk of developing diseases such as an armor during infancy, should be given to the baby in an adequate amount.

Mother feeding newborn baby daughter — Image by © KidStock/Blend Images/Corbis

Women who are new mothers wonder whether breast milk is enough or not. Therefore, they do research on how to make the calculation of breast milk requirement. Our site automatically calculates the amount of breast milk that will be sufficient daily for healthy babies. You can calculate your weight by writing your baby’s weight for breast milk needs that are directly proportional to the baby’s weight.

How Much Breast Milk is Needed for a Monthly Baby?

Breastfeeding that changes from baby to infant starts at the minimum level for the baby in the first month. The average weight of a one-month-old baby, especially with a large part of his development, is about 3-4 kilograms. In this period, the baby’s good sleep and adequate nutrition is very important. You can calculate how much your breast milk requirement is for your one month old baby. The average value of the baby’s breast milk varies between 20 ml and 60 ml. By the end of the first month, this value can reach up to 90 ml.

How Much Breast Milk Needs For 2 Months Old Baby?

The need for breast milk for a two-month-old baby increases significantly. The daily breast milk requirement of the baby in this period is up to half a liter. It is sufficient to take 50 ml of breast milk for each feeding period of two months old baby who is thought to have taken 10 times breast milk during the day.

How Much Breast Milk Needs For 3 Months Old Baby?

As the babies grow and gain weight, the amount of breast milk that is needed increases. For a 3-month-old infant, the daily breast milk requirement can be up to 800 ml. Although it is a condition that changes from baby to baby, it is enough for the baby to take approximately 80 ml of milk.