Basal Metabolism

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Basal Metabolism Calculator Details

Metabolism is the phenomenon that the body uses in order to spend its energy in vital activities. Accuracy of metabolism is of great importance in terms of body health and weight control. Basal metabolism shows the energy that our body needs during resting moments. In order to calculate the basal metabolism, a number of procedures have to be performed. Our site offers you the necessary services to perform these operations. Let us explain in detail how you can benefit from this service.

Basal Metabolism Calculation How?

Basically the details of the calculation of the metabolism are quite few. You can easily perform this calculation after filling in some information about the basal metabolism calculation. First of all, you must choose the gender of the basal metabolic calculus. Then you should write the age of the person, the height in inches and the weight in kilograms. After you write them, you can easily perform the calculation and learn your basal metabolic rate.

Why is gender selection important when doing basal metabolic rate?

Gender selection is very important when calculating the basal metabolic rate. Because the basal metabolic rate in women or men varies according to the gender of the individuals. In the Harris-Benedict formula used for calculating the basal metabolic rate, the calculation coefficient of basal metabolism for females and males varies. While the baseline metabolism calculation coefficient for women is 655.1, this number is 66.5 in males. Therefore, when calculating the basal metabolic rate, the gender factor is of great importance.

Calculating Basal Metabolism Without Forcing

The basal metabolism that contains various mathematical calculations and the number of times varying according to gender is quite difficult when it is tried to be done on its own. However, our site has facilitated the process of calculating the basal metabolic rate for you. If you enter your information correctly, such as age, gender, weight and height after logging in to our site, we will report the most accurate and accurate results about your basal metabolic rate.

If your basal metabolic rate is calculated, if you think you have a low or high result, you can search our site for various information. There are a lot of information about this kind of topics in our site.